Garage storage solutions that help you maximize space and much moreSee how Richelieu’s several storage options may change a space that is far too frequently ignored.

When we hear the phrase “storage solutions,” it’s simple to picture arranging an office, a kitchen, a bathroom, or even a closet, but we sometimes overlook organizing the garage. The least often used room in a house is generally the one that requires the greatest organization. Space may be greatly increased by clearing the clutter and arranging seasonal things. With the correct storagesolutions, you could haveenough room to erect a workbench, a home gym, or a craft table.

Utilize every square inch, including the ceiling, to maximize organization!

For a congested garage, the HyLoft ceiling storage box is the ideal option. Use one to remove items off the floor and create enough room to place the automobile in the garage, exactly where it goes. The HyLoft works well in walk-in closets, attics, basements, and any other area with underutilized ceiling space.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Hardware made of stainless steel is durable and aesthetically pleasing in addition to being resistant to corrosion and suitable for garage temperature ranges. For outside and outdoor-adjacent rooms, such as a garage, it is the perfect material. Richelieu has a huge selection of self-closing hinges, full-extension ball bearing drawer slides, folding brackets, hooks, screws, and ornamental hardware that will look gorgeous, remain gorgeous, and function flawlessly – for life!

Any area in your house, including the garage, utility room, laundry room, and others, may be improved with custom cabinet doors.

Your creativity is the only constraint on the variety of styles and applications.

Bring Inspiration Into It

Richelieu allows you to adorn surfaces and walls with high-quality laminates that increase durability.

THINSCAPE (TM) LAMINATE is the perfect choice for modern, slimmer cabinet profiles.

The future is hybrid. New ways of living mean spaces need to serve multiple purposes. Garages double as home gyms. Bedrooms become home offices. Building lobbies transform into event hubs. THINSCAPE (TM) laminate is the perfect choice for spaces that need to transform for each function they serve.

THINSCAPE (TM) Performance Tops are extremely versatile and durable ultra-thin countertops. Their slim ½” construction offers impact, scratch and moisture resistance far beyond what comparable products can offer. Their durability is matched only by their ease of fabrication and installation. When it comes to resilience, cost and ease of installation, traditional products like stone, quartz and porcelain just can’t compete.